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Join our wait list to be part of our beta testing and start earning Noise Coins before anyone else. We will select the users on a first-come first-served basis!

The Noise Mapping Network

Silencio is a community-powered network that rewards mobile users for providing accurate, hyper-local noise pollution data. 

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The Problem

Our Health

Noise pollution is one of the most harmful environmental exposures to public health. It causes stress, cognition problems, sleep disturbances, and cardiovascular diseases.


A multi-trillion dollar problem to the world economy that costs a country such as France an estimated $156 Billion per year.

Missing Data

Noise pollution maps today are static, based on acoustic modeling, and lack hyper-local data.

Map Coverage



Q1 2023

iOS MVP 1.0 Development (DONE)

Team Reveal (DONE)

Website Launch (DONE)

Accelerator Programme Applications (DONE)

Social Media Channels (DONE)

Beta Testing (DONE)

Development of Product 2.0 (In Process)

Angel Investment Round 
Official Launch (Coming Soon!)



Android Development

Growth in Users and Data Base

Community Building

Media Coverage
MVP 1.0 Data Platform & APIs
Partnerships for In-App Store (In Process)

Pre-Seed Investment Round

Introduction of Gamification Features (In Process)
Tokenomics Model (In Process)

White Paper (In Process)
Development of Product 3.0


To be announced

Mainnet Launch

Final Data Platform

World Wide Data Sales

Integration of Hardware Component


 Free Smartphone App

​ Data uploads are strictly measured in dBA and exclude content, which means we do not capture the content of your recordings.


Community powered Network

Get rewarded in Noise Coins for recording your surrounding noise pollution (dBA). 



Improve your quality of life

Contribute to improving your quality of life and that of your fellow citizens' - participate in the fastest-growing citizen science network!

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