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Once we hit our official market launch Silencio will be in need of a full-time CMO to help plan and execute a global marketing strategy focusing on specific jurisdictions for an initial proof of concept. 

Data Scientist

Data science is at the heart of our undertaking. If building a highly interactive data platform for public and private institutions world-wide sounds like a great challenge to you, please don't hesitate to contact us!

CEO & Co-Founder

Thomas Messerer

Thomas gained his Web3 experience by becoming one of the largest deployers of DePIN's in Europe. Previously he worked 7 years as a Partner at a prestigious law firm, alongside his brother Theo.

BCs. Economics Bocconi University
MCs. Management - IE University

Blockchain Strategy Program - Oxford University.

CPO & Co-Founder

Eric Stotz

Eric, a co-founder of Silencio, leverages his experience as the founder of Buenbit, a prominent crypto exchange with over 1 Million users and 150+ employees. His background at the prestigious Bain & Company further strengthens his skillset. With these impressive accomplishments, Eric plays a vital role in propelling Silencio's growth and success.

Eric is an industrial engineer from Universidad Catolica Argentina.

COO & Co-Founder

Theo Messerer

Theo gained his Web3 experience by becoming one of the largest deployers of DePIN's in Europe. Previously he worked 5 years as a Partner at a prestigious law firm, alongside his brother Thomas.

BCs. IE University

MCs. Technology Management, Columbia University.

Scientific Team

Eoin King, PhD.

Expert in all areas of environmental acoustics. Specialist in the area of strategic noise mapping and action planning.

European Commission’s Noise Expert Group and the Board of the Institute of Noise Control. He is Managing Editor of Noise/New International and has written over70 publications in peer-reviewed academic journals.

BAI in Mechanical Engineering 

Post graduate in Statistics


Scientific Team

Enda Murphy, PhD.

Professor, School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy. Advisor to the EU commission on noise policy.

Project leader of Noise Health Member of the Environmental SDG team and has written over 100 publications in peer-reviewed academic journals

BA Natural Sciences

Postgraduate diploma in Statistics Ph.D.

Scientific Team

Hasan Hassoun

PhD candidate in the field of acoustics at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France. The ongoing thesis aims to control low-frequency harmonic noise. Hasan has deployed over 5 Thousand Helium Network installations in Lebanon and has over 2 years of experience with Web 3.0 projects.


Florian Messerer

Co-Founder at QK Innovations, a full-scale software development company with over 60 in-house developers. QK is responsible for the development of our technology.

BSc. Business Management & Entrepreneurship at the University of Westminster

Scientific Team

Charlie Mydlarz

Research Assistant Professor at New York State University (NYU). Acoustician/engineer with 16 years of experience in crowd-sourced noise monitoring and urban IoT development to improve understanding of acoustic environments and urban conditions. The data collected during his doctoral work was gathered using a large-scale crowd-sourced citizen science project utilizing consumer mobile devices and web technologies, which is called Soundsaroundyou. He is the lead developer of SONYC (Sounds of New York City).


Christopher v. Halem

Christopher majored from Bayes, City, University of London in Business Management, with a focus on business development and strategy.

Throughout the past 2 years, he gained valuable experience in the web 3.0/crypto industry through his involvement in Edge-Fi projects.

We are an international team with a proven track record of building innovative ventures. 

Our Founders

Our Team

Our team consists of scientists in the field of sound-acoustic, and full-stack developers. Silencio is built with the highest scientific noise measuring standards to guarantee its data integrity and value.

Open Positions

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