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The Solution

Discover Silencio, an innovative community-driven network that empowers mobile users to make a real difference in the fight against noise pollution. By collaborating with renowned university professors, acoustics experts, and advisors to the European Commission, Silencio delivers a cutting-edge platform designed to reward users for contributing precise, hyper-local noise pollution data. Join the movement and become a part of a thriving, conscious community dedicated to improving the quality of life for millions, while earning rewards for your valuable contributions. 


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The global network to measure noise pollution

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The Problem with Noise Pollution

Video Credit: Insider Tech

Real Estate 

Unlock the true value of properties and locations with Silencio's comprehensive noise pollution data, leaving guesswork and inadequate information behind. Silencio revolutionizes site assessments by providing detailed, hyperlocal, and historical data. Effortlessly discern differences in noise levels throughout the week and day, making informed decisions when moving or investing in property. Experience the transformative power of Silencio and elevate your decision-making to new heights.

Gastronomy & Hotels

Imagine dining out, only to shout to be heard. You're not alone—restaurants lose 10% of revenue due to noise. Noise is also the top reason for hotel guest complaints, with 55% checking sleep quality reviews before booking. What if you could access a sound score for every hotel? Revolutionize your hospitality experiences with Silencio, empowering you to make informed choices for dining or lodging, ensuring tranquility and enjoyment. Let Silencio guide you toward a noise-free future.

Quality of Life

Silencio revolutionizes noise pollution combat by providing hyperlocal data, revealing its true extent and guiding governments to the sources. This invaluable information enables informed decisions, improving the quality of life and life expectancy for billions. Embrace Silencio's power and transform urban landscapes into tranquil havens.

8000+ Members

Participate in the 3% BETA Airdrop!

70M+ Data Points

Video Credit: Apple

The new Apple ad for the AirPods Pro highlights the global problem of noise pollution and how it affects us in our daily lives.

Participate in the BETA Airdrop

Participation in the 3% total supply airdrop will be based on the following:

  • Amount of NOISE earned (through data uploading and referrals)

  • Number of Hexagons covered and discovered (uploaded for the first time)

*Full Tokenomics will be disclosed soon, check our lite paper for more info.

What is the data for?

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