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Source: The Economist

Noise pollution has led to multiple whale-strandings and poses a threat to thousands of ocean creatures. Meet the scientist who is mapping ocean noise in a bid to dial down the volume. Film supported by @Blancpain

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Source: Vox

Health organizations warn that continual exposure to noise levels above 70 decibels can potentially damage your ears. And yet we are routinely exposed to noise much louder than that in everyday situations. Our world is increasingly noisy and our bars, restaurants, gyms, and streets all produce decibel levels that can cause harm to our hearing in mere minutes. Hearing loss is incredibly common and is the fourth-highest disability worldwide. One in four American adults shows signs of noise-induced hearing loss, and the problem is only going to get worse. While hearing damage is irreversible, it's also completely preventable. Watch for tips on how to protect your ears even in incredibly loud environments.

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Source: Niklas Cristle

Everybody is talking about pollution but there's one pollution nobody's aware of Noise Pollution. With modernization a lot of sounds turned into noise and noise can leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Moreover, noise has not only negative impacts on nature but on our health as well. In this video, I share 3 tips with you on how to find silence to raise awareness against noise pollution!

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